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Respiratory System

The respiratory system takes up oxygen from the air we breathe and expels the unwanted carbon dioxide. The main organ of the respiratory system is the lungs. Other respiratory organs include the nose, the trachea and the breathing muscles

Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a large metal vessel that stores oxygen under pressure. Oxygen cylinders can be either high pressure oxygen cylinders, which contain oxygen under pressure in gas cylinders

oxygen cylinders must contain at least 99% oxygen. Compressed oxygen is usually at least 95% oxygen, while liquid oxygen is 100% oxygen.
Medical oxygen is almost 100% pure, but oxygen masks or nasal prongs dilute the oxygen with room air to provide the desired oxygen dose.

BiPAP, bi level positive airway pressure, is a noninvasive ventilation therapy that helps people breathe. It’s a type of ventilator that pressurizes the air to a higher level than the room air, helping people breathe more easily

Oxygen saturation values of 95% to 100% are generally considered normal. Values under 90% could quickly lead to a serious deterioration in status, and values under 70% are life-threatening.

Medical gas suppliers provide high-quality medical gases for healthcare facilities. Their work includes:
Procurement of gas cylinders
Maintenance of tubing
Repair of regulators
Understanding dangers while dealing with gases and high pressure cylinders
Fitting with fittings that take into account the customer’s requirements and the characteristics of the location in which it will be installed

Medical gas supply systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities supply specialized gases and gas mixtures to various parts of the facility. Products handled by such systems typically include: Oxygen, Medical air, Nitrous oxide. 

Medical gas suppliers supply gas to thousands of facilities across the nation including hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, as well as to individual patients

The role of a medical gas supplier is to provide high-quality medical gasses for their therapeutic use in healthcare facilities.

In order to do so, they must be able to correctly store and transport these substances, taking into account the particular needs of each type of medical gas.

What are the main medical gasses used throughout the healthcare system, what are they used for and how to ensure equipment used by a medical gas supplier is the right one?

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