PHILIPS Everflo 5 Liter – Oxygen Concentrator

PHILIPS Everflo 5 Liter – Oxygen Concentrator


Key Features
Purity: 90-96%
Type: Home Stationary
Continuous Flow: 1-5LPM
Weight: 14kg
Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI): Yes
Power consumption: 350watts


Philips Respironics EverFlo™ 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Specifications and Price in Karachi

Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator is a unique Stationary Oxygen Concentrator that is a solution to patients who are looking for something more from their home. The EverFlo is lightweight at only 31 pounds. The Respironics Oxygen Concentrator is compact and quiet, emitting less than 45 dBA. The design innovations of Respironics concentrators require less maintenance. The EverFlo Concentrator features a much more compact, ergonomic design that takes up much less space and produces less heat and uses less power without losing performance. EverFlo Oxygen is available with or without an oxygen purity indicator (OPI).

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Designed with oxygen patients in mind, the EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator helps remove the traditional restrictions oxygen therapy often placed upon patients. The patient-friendly design of the Respironics EverFlo Concentrator makes life simpler and easier for oxygen patients. Respironics small, quiet design uses less electricity, saving oxygen therapy patients money. EverFlo features a compact, non-medical design that fits the patient’s surroundings. Heavy and bulky oxygen tanks are not necessary. Coordinating and scheduling oxygen resupply is also unnessary. The Respironics EverFlo is very low maintenance, having only two filters to change and in fact, there are no filters for the patient to change and no homecare provider filter change is required for two years! The EverFlo features a recessed flow meter and a metal cannula connector to prevent any accidental breakage. Respironics has also reengineered the humidifier bottle connection, making the EverFlo much simpler to use for all patients.

EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator System includes the following:
EverFlo Concentrator
Oxygen Percentage Indicator (optional)
User’s Manual.

Product Features:
Lightweight – only 31 lbs
Smaller and sleeker
Easy to store and transport
Low maintenance
Simpler for patients to use and maintain