Medical Oxygen and Industrial oxygen difference

Medical Oxygen and Industrial oxygen difference

Medical oxygen is a highly purified oxygen used for medical treatments and is developed for use in the human body. Industrial oxygen is used in industrial plants for tasks such as combustion, oxidation, cutting, and chemical reactions. 

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Here are some differences between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen:

  • PurityMedical oxygen is 100% concentrated oxygen and considered medically pure. Industrial oxygen may not meet the same level of purity and is not appropriate for human use due to its multiple impurities.
  • RegulationMedical oxygen is FDA regulated for impurities and contaminants. Industrial oxygen does not need regulation or concern with impurities in the gas.
  • CertificationMedical oxygen is certified to contain a stable percentage of oxygen below a strict threshold of impurities and moisture. Industrial oxygen does not carry this particular “human grade” certification.
  • ImpuritiesIndustrial oxygen purity levels are not approved for human consumption. Generally full of impurities, industrial oxygen could make people ill if used.