Medical and Industrial Gases

Medical and Industrial Gases

Industrial gases are widely used in the steel, chemical, glass, electronics, shipbuilding, automobile, paper, energy, power generation, food, beverage, and other industries, while medical gases are used as a lifeline for people.

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The two main classifications are medical grade oxygen and industrial grade oxygen. While both may be “pure,” medical grade oxygen is certified for human use. Industrial grade oxygen is certified for everything else.

Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides supplemental oxygen to people who have trouble getting enough on their own. It can be used to help people with breathing disorders and chronic lung diseases feel better and stay active. Oxygen therapy can be administered in a hospital, medical setting, or at home, and can be given for a short or long period of time

Oxygen therapy can help you by decreasing your shortness of breath or breathlessness. Oxygen won’t completely take away your shortness of breath, but it can help many lung disease patients feel less breathless during everyday activities.

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