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Respiratory System

The respiratory system takes up oxygen from the air we breathe and expels the unwanted carbon dioxide. The main organ of the respiratory system is the lungs. Other respiratory organs include the nose, the trachea and the breathing muscles

Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a large metal vessel that stores oxygen under pressure. Oxygen cylinders can be either high pressure oxygen cylinders, which contain oxygen under pressure in gas cylinders

oxygen cylinders must contain at least 99% oxygen. Compressed oxygen is usually at least 95% oxygen, while liquid oxygen is 100% oxygen.
Medical oxygen is almost 100% pure, but oxygen masks or nasal prongs dilute the oxygen with room air to provide the desired oxygen dose.

BiPAP, bi level positive airway pressure, is a noninvasive ventilation therapy that helps people breathe. It’s a type of ventilator that pressurizes the air to a higher level than the room air, helping people breathe more easily

Oxygen saturation values of 95% to 100% are generally considered normal. Values under 90% could quickly lead to a serious deterioration in status, and values under 70% are life-threatening.

Medical gas suppliers provide high-quality medical gases for healthcare facilities. Their work includes:
Procurement of gas cylinders
Maintenance of tubing
Repair of regulators
Understanding dangers while dealing with gases and high pressure cylinders
Fitting with fittings that take into account the customer’s requirements and the characteristics of the location in which it will be installed

Medical gas supply systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities supply specialized gases and gas mixtures to various parts of the facility. Products handled by such systems typically include: Oxygen, Medical air, Nitrous oxide. 

Medical gas suppliers supply gas to thousands of facilities across the nation including hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, as well as to individual patients

The role of a medical gas supplier is to provide high-quality medical gasses for their therapeutic use in healthcare facilities.

In order to do so, they must be able to correctly store and transport these substances, taking into account the particular needs of each type of medical gas.

What are the main medical gasses used throughout the healthcare system, what are they used for and how to ensure equipment used by a medical gas supplier is the right one?

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Oxygen Gas Cylinder in Karachi Sale Rent

The price of oxygen cylinders in Karachi, Pakistan varies depending on the size and model:
Portable 50 CFT: PKR 16,000
Small 120 CFT: PKR 22,000
Medium 240 CFT: PKR 30,000
Large 350 CFT: PKR 40,000

What is the cost of oxygen refill in Pakistan?

It has fixed Rs12,900 maximum price of 1.45m3/10ltr capacity cylinder, Rs23,960 of 6.00 m3/40ltr and Rs26,100 of 6.81 m3/47ltr capacity cylinder. The consumer has to pay Rs400, Rs960 and Rs1100 extra if they want to refill the above-mentioned different capacity cylinders

Oxygen cylinder refills in Karachi can cost around Rs 4000. Care Gas Services offers oxygen cylinder rentals and sales in Karachi, including free delivery and home service

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has put a price cap of Rs12,900 on a filled oxygen cylinder for retail sale.

Documents state that the Ministry of Industries and Production has fixed the maximum retail price of oxygen cylinders with different cylinder capacities.

It has fixed Rs12,900 maximum price of 1.45m3/10ltr capacity cylinder, Rs23,960 of 6.00 m3/40ltr and Rs26,100 of 6.81 m3/47ltr capacity cylinder.

The consumer has to pay Rs600, Rs1000 and Rs1500 extra if they want to refill the above-mentioned different capacity cylinders.

A BiPAP machine, or bilevel positive airway pressure machine, is a noninvasive ventilation device that can help people breathe. It can be used to treat a number of conditions, including:
Sleep apnea
Not getting enough oxygen
Can’t get rid of carbon dioxide
Lung disease

Oxygen concentrators can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
Industrial: To provide supplemental oxygen at high altitudes
Medical: As oxygen therapy devices
Home: To filter air and provide oxygen for breathing
A doctor may prescribe an oxygen concentrator if a patient has a condition that causes low oxygen levels, such as:
Lung cancer
COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Oxygen concentrators can be portable or stationary. Portable units can produce 4–10 L of oxygen per minute, while larger devices can produce up to 25 L per minute.

Karachi, Pakistan has many suppliers of oxygen equipment, including medical equipment suppliers, oxygen cylinder suppliers, and oxygen concentrators:

Care Gas Services

Oxygen Gas Cylinder

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what is the difference of oxygen grade and medical grade Industrial Grade vs. Medical Grade Oxygen

When we look at the many ways customers use oxygen in everyday applications, the uses cases are endless. From hospitals, laboratories, food production, fabrication, industrial manufacturing and even cryospas – these customers all find oxygen gas paramount in their process.

There are also several ways that industry professionals get their oxygen supply and this oxygen comes in different grades.

Industrial Grade vs. Medical Grade Oxygen

While oxygen gas is critical for us humans to breathe and live each day, you may be surprised to find that their are different types of oxygen. In fact, there are two main types of oxygen gases: medical oxygen and industrial oxygen.

While they both are integral to specific industries they also pose unique differentiators and it’s important that customers know what type of gas they are buying to ensure it fits their needs, requirements, and environment.

When you think of medical vs. industrial oxygen one should think of medical oxygen as more of a necessity to maintain good health and industrial conversely, as a necessity to maintain industrial function.

The last key difference between both gases is the way that it is regulated. While medical oxygen has strict parameters set by the FDA, industrial oxygen is not regulated as strictly which allows a greater chance for contamination. Further, making the use of industrial oxygen in a medical environment – dangerous.

Medical Grade Oxygen
When we look at medical oxygen we know that it is essential for caring for individuals and especially vital for patients in the healthcare system. Oxygen is critical for many hospital treatments like surgeries, trauma, heart failure, asthma, pregnancy, and pneumonia.

If you have a chronic disease you may need additional medical oxygen for your organs to function normally and the grade of oxygen you are receiving should be one that is fundamentally clean from any impurities.

As with any medication or treatment, medical oxygen must meet specific requirements to ensure safety and proper purity standards. In fact, medical grade oxygen is actually considered pharmaceutical and is classified as a “drug” meeting specific standards for medical use only.

Industrial Grade Oxygen
Those industries that use industrial oxygen typically include areas of combustion, oxidation, cutting, processing, and chemical plants. Chance are if you are doing any of the following you will need industrial oxygen:

Fabrication, welding, cutting, and cleaning
Steel cutting and manufacturing
Chemical process plant production
Paper-based manufacturing and bleaching
Bio-reaction processes
Here are some helpful hints to ensure you are gaining the “industrial grade” Oxygen:

Industrial grade oxygen is not regulated by the FDA
Industrial grade oxygen typically is full of impurities and you should ask your supplier to confirm this for your industrial setting.
Ask your supplier to verify their quality through an independent ISO-certified lab.
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Medical Oxygen and Industrial oxygen difference

Medical oxygen is a highly purified oxygen used for medical treatments and is developed for use in the human body. Industrial oxygen is used in industrial plants for tasks such as combustion, oxidation, cutting, and chemical reactions. 

Here are some differences between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen:

  • PurityMedical oxygen is 100% concentrated oxygen and considered medically pure. Industrial oxygen may not meet the same level of purity and is not appropriate for human use due to its multiple impurities.
  • RegulationMedical oxygen is FDA regulated for impurities and contaminants. Industrial oxygen does not need regulation or concern with impurities in the gas.
  • CertificationMedical oxygen is certified to contain a stable percentage of oxygen below a strict threshold of impurities and moisture. Industrial oxygen does not carry this particular “human grade” certification.
  • ImpuritiesIndustrial oxygen purity levels are not approved for human consumption. Generally full of impurities, industrial oxygen could make people ill if used.